Our raw cashew nuts boast a maximum moisture content of 8%, ensuring optimal freshness. With a maximum admixture of 2% and a total defective rate of less than 8%, you can rely on receiving only top-notch products. Each kilogram packs between 180 to 200 nuts, and the outturn ranges from 48 lbs to 53 lbs, guaranteeing impressive yields.

Transparency and Assurance: Upholding our commitment to transparency, we offer on-site SGS inspection reports with each shipment. These reports verify the quality of our raw cashew nuts, providing you with the assurance of receiving premium products.

Meticulous Sourcing and Processing: Our raw cashew nuts are carefully sourced and meticulously processed to maintain their exceptional quality. We prioritize excellence in every step of the supply chain to consistently deliver raw cashew nuts that meet the highest industry standards.

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