Indulge in the delightful taste of our Sun Dried Cashew Nuts, sourced directly from Nigeria. Take advantage of our negotiable pricing option, allowing you to secure these premium cashews at competitive rates. With a nut count ranging from 180 to 190 per kilogram and a moisture content of 8-10%, our cashews embody top-notch quality.

Uncompromising Quality: Rest easy knowing our cashews have minimal foreign matter, limited to a maximum of 1-2%, and an acceptable defective rate of 5%. The impressive KOR of 48-50% ensures a satisfying yield, while the absence of insect damage guarantees an untainted product.

Packaged to Perfection: Our cashews are expertly packaged in 80Kg new seaworthy jute bags, ensuring optimal preservation and ease of handling.

Secure Transactions: For payment, we accept confirmed LC (Letter of Credit), offering you a secure and reliable transaction process.

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