iMall: Revolutionizing International Agro — Trade for Buyers and Sellers

Are you looking for a reliable platform that streamlines your international agro trade experience? Look no further than iMall! Our platform connects both buyers and sellers, making international trade seamless and efficient.

What is iMall?

iMall is an agrotech company that addresses the challenges of international trade for agro business owners. Our platform serves as a bridge between buyers and sellers. Whether you’re a buyer looking for quality agricultural products like sesame seed, ginger, groundnuts and cashew nuts or a seller seeking a broad market reach, iMall is the perfect solution for your trade requirements.

iMall features an onboarding KYC (Know Your Customer) system for suppliers and buyers that leverages tracking records of various payment methods used in their transactions. This approach enables iMall to connect suppliers and buyers who share similar preferred payment methods, ultimately minimizing resource wastage in their search for the ideal trading partners.

Benefits for Buyers

For buyers, iMall offers a diverse range of benefits, including:

Streamlined Sourcing Process: iMall matches international agro commodities buyers with local African suppliers of high-quality agro commodities like Cashew nuts, Sesame seeds, ginger, and soybeans who have proven track record of completing previous transactions using the buyers payment terms. Our platform eliminates the complexities of navigating foreign markets, ensuring a seamless procurement process.

 Verified Supplier Network: We have a network of thoroughly vetted local suppliers who provide premium-grade agro commodities. By partnering with iMall, buyers gain access to a reliable and trusted pool of suppliers, mitigating risks associated with quality and authenticity.

 Local Market Insights and Trends: iMall keeps buyers informed about the latest market trends, price fluctuations, and supply-demand dynamics in the agro commodities industry. This information empowers investors to make informed decisions, optimize their purchasing strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.

 Quality Assurance Solutions: Our team at iMall understands that each buyers Specifications are unique. Our facilities use third-party organizations like SGS to test supplier commodities and provide quality reports on the commodities to the buyers before buyers pay for the commodities.

 Advanced Order Tracking: Transparency is crucial in international trade. iMall provides tracking capability and visibility into the supply chain, from farm to shipment. Buyers can trace the origin of their commodities, monitor production processes, and ensure adherence to ethical and sustainable practices.

At iMall, we understand that trust is crucial in international trade. We’ve put systems in place to ensure that all sellers on our platform are authentic and legitimate. Our compliance team verifies each seller to ensure that the products being offered meet global standards and regulations. You can be confident that your purchases are from reputable sellers and that your payment transactions are secure.

Benefits for Sellers

Sellers on iMall can enjoy the following advantages:

Export Compliance and Logistics:

iMall facilitates connections between suppliers who are new to exporting and exporters available on the platform. These exporters manage the transportation of commodities from the supplier’s location to the buyer’s destination. Additionally, iMall provides suppliers with access to trade finance depending on the transaction’s value.

In conclusion, iMall is the perfect solution for buyers and sellers looking to expand their reach and profitability in international agro trade. Our platform offers a suite of solutions, including easy product discovery, secure payment processing, and reliable logistics. Join us today and experience a seamless, efficient and profitable international trading experience like never before!

With iMall, international agro-trade has never been easier. Join us today and see the difference!




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