Product Information:

– Product: Sesame Seed White

– Specification: Moisture 7%, Hulled 99.9% pure, Oil Content 50%-52%, FFA 2%

– Packaging: 50kg in a new P/Poly Bag

– Supply Ability: Large quantity


– We are ready to send you free of charge 1-5kgs of our product samples.

Discover the excellence of our Sesame Seed White, meticulously selected to meet the highest quality standards. With optimal moisture levels and a remarkable purity of 99.9% hulled seeds, our product promises top-notch freshness and cleanliness.

Experience the richness of sesame oil with an impressive oil content ranging from 50% to 52%. With a low FFA level of just 2%, our sesame seeds meet the highest standards of quality.

To preserve the seeds’ excellence, each batch is meticulously packaged in new P/Poly Bags, ensuring safe and hygienic transportation. Benefit from our large supply ability to meet your demands seamlessly.

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