Product Information:

1. Commodity: Nigeria Whitish Sesame Seed

2. Origin: Nigeria

3. Specifications:

– Nigerian Sesame Seeds

– Cleaning: Machine cleaned

– Purity: 98% min

– Oil content: 52%

– Moisture: 7% max

– Admixture: 2% max

– FFA (Free Fatty Acids): 2% max

– Crop: New crop

– Default Packing: 100kg jute bags

Experience the excellence of Nigeria’s Whitish Sesame Seeds, directly sourced from the fertile lands of Nigeria. Our sesame seeds undergo meticulous machine cleaning to ensure top-notch purity and quality.

With a minimum purity of 98% and an impressive oil content of 52%, our sesame seeds promise rich flavor and wholesome goodness. Maintaining optimal moisture levels within 7% and admixture within 2%, we guarantee the finest quality for your culinary creations.

Harvested from the new crop, our sesame seeds are fresh and brimming with natural goodness. Packaged in reliable 100kg jute bags, they are ready to enhance your culinary delights with their premium taste and nutritional value. Elevate your dishes with the richness of Nigeria’s finest Whitish Sesame Seeds and delight in the natural essence they bring to your recipes.

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