Take advantage of our negotiable pricing option to secure these premium cashews at competitive rates. With a nut count of 180-190 per kilogram and a moisture content of 8-10%, these cashews exemplify top-notch quality.

Rest assured of minimal foreign matter, limited to 1-2% maximum, and an acceptable defective rate of 5%. The impressive KOR of 48-50% ensures a satisfying yield, while the absence of insect damage guarantees an untainted product.

To preserve the quality, our cashews are expertly packaged in 80Kg new seaworthy jute bags. For payment, we accept confirmed LC, providing a secure transaction process. Once LC confirmation is received, the shipment is scheduled within 21 days on FOB terms. Embrace the richness of our Sun Dried Cashew Nuts and elevate your culinary delights with their superior taste and quality.

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