Sourced meticulously from West Africa, specifically Nigeria. Our cashews boast a remarkable nut count ranging from 190 to 210, ensuring exceptional value and quality. With an impressive outturn of 48-50 lbs per bag, we guarantee only the finest cashews reach our esteemed customers.

Rest assured of stringent quality control, as our cashews have a rejection rate below 46 lbs, with a defect rate of less than 10% and a maximum admixture of 0.25, meeting the highest industry standards. With foreign matter limited to a maximum of 5%, our cashews are pure and free from contaminants.

Enjoy the competitive pricing of USD 850 per Metric Ton (FOB), making our premium cashew nuts an excellent choice for both affordability and quality. For your convenience, our cashews are carefully packaged in polythene bags.

We welcome orders starting from 1 Metric Ton, catering to buyers with varying requirements, whether small or large-scale.

Savor the exquisite taste and versatility of our premium cashew nuts, sourced directly from the heart of West Africa, Nigeria, and relish the joy of indulging in cashews of exceptional quality.

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