Unveil the excellence of our Nigerian Cashew Nuts, perfectly customized to meet your unique requirements. Our premium Cashew Nuts boast highly competitive pricing and offer the flexibility of a trial order of 16 Metric Tonnes, all smoothly facilitated through a seamless trade process of FOB/CFR.

Seamless Transactions with LC: Rest easy with secure transactions, as we accept LC (Letter of Credit) as the preferred payment method, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Unmatched Quality Assured: Trust in the outstanding quality of our Cashew Nuts, meticulously verified by SGS inspection. You can rely on a minimum outturn of 46+ and a nut count ranging from 170 to 200 per kilogram, while the moisture content remains below 10%.

Convenient Ordering Options: Embrace the convenience of choosing between two minimum order sizes – 10 Metric Tonnes and 15 Metric Tonnes – each providing respective capacities of 100 Metric Tonnes and 1000 Metric Tonnes monthly. Experience the world of tailored excellence with our premium Nigerian Cashew Nuts.

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